oneo Drive 3A USB-C Dual Port Car Charger

The oneo In-Car Charger is optimised specifically for the fast charging of tablets and smartphones.

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Charge your devices on the move 
Do you own a multitude of devices such as iPads, Smartphones, GPS or any other USB powered device that requires a charger and are you fed up with carrying various different chargers around for these products?
Then the oneo USB 2-Port Car Charger is a stylish and compact solution for you.

Fast and Easy to Use 
The Car Charger fits conveniently into any cigarette or 12 Volt adapter plug found in Cars, Mobile Homes and Generators and contains a Smart charging system that provides intelligent device detection and optimal charging to suit the connected device. All of this along with on-board surge and voltage safety protection make this the perfect In-car Charger and ideal for charging a variety of battery types including the latest Li-Ion batteries, it will also keep your GPS and emergency battery backup devices charged too.