oneo 15W Qi Fast Wireless Charger – Black

The oneo Qi Wireless charger enables you to charge your compatible phone without the need to plug in to a wall charger or USB port.

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Faster Charging 
The oneo Qi Wireless Charging Pad offers charging with ultimate freedom – no cables and no delay. Faster than today’s 5W wireless chargers, the oneo Wireless Charging Pad is faster than many standard wired chargers on the market.

Broad Compatibility Range 
The Qi-Certified charger works with all the latest Samsung and Apple wireless charging smartphones and is compatible with any other Qi-Certified device along with Qi accessories such as iPhone wireless charging cases or sleeves. There is no need to remove your case because this charger is able to charge through most cases under 3mm thick.

Convenient and Easy to Use 
The oneo Charging Pad is always at the ready and is simple and easy to use, providing wireless power whenever you set your device on the pad. You can still use your device while charging, and your device is always accessible so you can answer a call without having to unplug.