oneo Multi-Coloured Reusable Velcro Cable Ties – 10 Pack

oneo reusable Velcro cable ties provide a simple and cost-effective solution to messy, disorganised cables.

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The soft and thick fibrous material used for these cable ties won’t scratch or damage the bound cables. Furthermore, the double fibre Velcro material increases the number of times you can detach and re-attach, making the oneo multi-coloured Velcro cable ties longer lasting and therefore better for the environment.

Compared with standard 1mm ties, the 2mm thickness on the oneo Reusable Cable Ties makes them more durable whilst their high-quality nylon material is high-heat and water-resistant. They will stand up to heavy use throughout the day.

Easy to Use and Release
The oneo cable ties have a clever detachable hoop and loop design, making them convenient to use especially for delicate equipment.

Neat and Tidy
The multi-coloured Velcro cable ties are extremely useful for tidying up loose cables. With a great range of sizes available, you can neatly coil up anything from phone chargers to chunky laptop cables as well as many other computer and electronic appliances. It’s a simple and cost-effective solution. The ties are colour coded so you can easily tell which cables are which.

Key Features

  • Take control of cord clutter easily and keep your environment tidy
  • Quick and easy to use. It’s adjustable, reusable and durable
  • Suitable for computer, charger, TV and other electronic device cables
  • Each cable tie measures 6 inch in length and 0.5 inch in width