oneo Drive RFID Car Key Signal Blocker Pouch – 2 Pack

The oneo Car Key Signal Blocker Pouch has a built-in signal isolation function to keep your car safe: Shields against RFID, NFC, Bluetooth, GPS/SatNav network and 2,3 and 4G mobile phone signals and WiFi connections.

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The oneo Drive RFID car Key Signal Blocker Pouch is simple to use, compact and practical – helping to prevent criminals from accessing your vehicle by shielding against Radio Frequency signals when your car key or fob is enclosed within the pouch.

Key Features

  • Car anti-theft protection, nano inner layer provides a complete signal barrier for your car keys/fob. This prevents thieves from picking up and transmitting signals from the key – helps eliminate keyless ignition theft.
  • Stylish and waterproof.
  • Convenient to carry, our key chain signal shielding device has a nano inner layer to block the signal, and the outer black layer can be used as a standard pouch. It is designed with a key chain for ease of use.
  • Prevents RFID information scanning
  • Anti-radio information leakage
  • Shields vehicle key signal
  • Can also hold 5.5-inch mobile phone